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Equity Investment 24 understands that it is very important for client freights to be moved efficiently and timely!  This is the very reason of our existence. Equity Investment 24 is one stop logistic provider company that has established itself as one of the best logistics management providers globally.
We take pride in being a comprehensive international cargo, assets and logistic service provider in US and UK. We offer a range of services that include import & export consolidating, door-to-door delivery service, warehousing and local distribution, customs brokerage, and much more.  We have a team of experienced professionals offering advanced global logistics and freight forwarding solutions to our clients.
We are one-stop logistic providers for both exporters and importers, satisfying your freight needs with our dynamic relationship with overseas agents and partners.
Your shipment may travel the world but Equity Investment 24 goes the distance. At Equity Investment 24, we understand that the timely delivery of your shipment is of utmost importance.

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What is Equity Investment 24?

Equity Investment 24 is a private owned company that deals with a number of private equity funds focusing primarily on investments in different parts of the world. Certify ownership and by targeting strategic development and operational improvements Equity investment 24 enables value creation and build enduring companies in its portfolio. The Equity Investment 24 Funds have for over 25 years delivered outstanding returns to investors, which has led to a good reputation in investment and portfolio management. Eight funds raised and closed since inception with a total of approximately USD 12.5 billion in committed capital Investments in 90 portfolio companies and 145+ material add-on acquisitions 50 exits, including 15 IPOs* Current portfolio includes 34 companies with aggregate revenues of over USD 14 billion.


What is Equity Investment 24's investment philosophy?

Equity Investment 24 focuses on medium-sized buy-outs. Since its inception in 1989, Equity Investment 24 has developed a strong track record of investing across a broad range of industries and sectors.

Equity investment 24 is primarily looking for acquisitions in
different parts of the world. But its diverse business knowledge means
that it also considers investment opportunities in other markets.

Equity Investment 24 is investing from funds where the capital is
supplied by large financial institutions in different parts of the
world – e.g. corporate and public pension funds, funds-of-funds,
family offices and inheritance, insurance companies, as well as from
Equity Investment  Partners.

Private equity has several functions:

to contribute with dedicated ownership, expertise and capital, hence
helping companies to develop and reach their full potential to play an
important role by channeling institutional capital to companies with
great potential and a need for capital, while these funds are managed
through an active, long-term and responsible ownership to develop
smaller companies, acquisition and possession of family inheritance in
addition to offering mature companies the opportunity to take the next
step in their development to act as catalyst and facilitator when
finding new corporate structures and business models, in order for
companies to survive and continue to develop in the global competition

Different forms of ownership lend itself well depending on the
company’s situation. Private equity funds are suitable owners for:

Businesses in need of a strategic realignment or increased ownership focus
Specific business units in a company that do not belong to the core
business, and that can be developed better in a new structure or as a
standalone company
Situations that require a more long-term ownership – companies that
are willing to accept a reduced profitability in the short term in
order to build a stronger and more valuable company in the longer term

Private equity undertakes the role of long-term owners

Committed owners are an important component of the business community
Private equity funds typically invest with a time horizon of 3-7
years, a relatively long-term ownership model

Unlike many foreign players, Equity Investment 24 funds have an
understanding of the uniqueness of the world business community

Relationships with employees
The society in general

The priority of every client is that their shipment reaches its destination as fast as possible.

We provide you the fastest logistics services by utilizing all our available resources. We understand that timely delivery is the main concern of any client and so we assure that your shipment will arrive on schedule.

We know that safety of your shipment is very important to you, so we make sure that your shipments are handled with utmost care.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to handle the most delicate and intricate commodities. Your shipment is in safe hands. No matter where you want your shipment to be delivered, you can always count on us! We provide worldwide shipping services that include continents like Africa, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Let us know your concerns and we will provide the optimal solution for your shipments.